Highland Community College Hosts 3-D Printer Presentation and Workshop

published January 11, 2019Highland Community College Hosts 3-D Printer Presentation and Workshop

Participants may register for the workshop here.

Highland Community College will host a 3-D Printer Building Workshop and Seminar on February 11 at the Highland, Kansas Campus. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about the science and process of the build at a 6 p.m. presentation by Dr. Marcin Jakubowski. If participants choose, they can build a 3-D printer, for a fee, at the accompanying workshop that day.


Dr. Marcin Jakubowski, the founder and CEO of Open Source Ecology, an open-collaborative of engineers, producers, and builders developing the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) will present to HCC and the surrounding community. The GVCS is a set of 50 most important machines that it takes for modern life to exist – everything from a tractor, to an oven, to a circuit maker. Marcin and his team are producing open source blueprints – so that anyone can build and maintain machines at a fraction of what it costs today.


He founded Open Source Ecology in 2003 in order to make closed-loop manufacturing a reality. The mission of Open Source Ecology is to create a collaborative economic platform that optimizes development, production, and distribution – via open source collaboration – to accelerate innovation to unprecedented levels. These ideas are being tested at the Factor e Farm (e as in the mathematical constant) in rural Missouri.


Jakubowski came to the U.S. from Poland as a child. He graduated with honors from Princeton University and earned his Ph.D. in fusion physics from the University of Wisconsin. After receiving formal education, he found himself useless in solving problems and started a farm in rural Missouri – which was to become the birthplace of the GVCS. Marcin secured the distinctions of a 2012 TED Senior Fellow, a 2013 Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow and a 2013 White House Champion of Change. Additionally, GVCS was recognized in Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2012.


Highland Community College was awarded a grant from Humanities Kansas for a series of six interdisciplinary and cultural events focusing on science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) in the 2018/19 academic year. The series is titled, "Social Justice: Using STEAM to Revolutionize the World," and each event will feature discussions and presentations on how each of the STEAM fields influences areas of culture and social justice. This event is the fourth in the series.


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