Highland Building House in Troy

published August 23, 2016Highland Building House in Troy

Highland Building House in Troy

When Northeast Kansas Technical College decided to merge with Highland Community College in 2008, Highland saw an immediate application for the Building Trades program – building new homes in Doniphan County.  The Building Trades program – which will make the transition to Construction Technology this fall – already had two lots left on a block in Atchison on which to build houses.  When those were complete and sold, Highland president David Reist knew there was a need for new housing in Doniphan County and indications from local school districts to have students enroll in the program caused Reist to move the program to Highland. 

In the last two years, two new homes have been built and sold in Highland.  Looking to build enrollment in the program and with an invitation from the group still seeking to make Doniphan Hills Golf Course a reality on the west side of Troy, Highland has broken ground for the first house to be built adjoining the golf course site.  That house will be on the east side of Last Chance Road.

Area contractors and builders are constantly looking for employees; newly graduated students can start for around $13 an hour.  Classes for students who will be building the house in Troy under the direction of faculty member Jim Dame are still open, and Doniphan County students are encouraged to enroll.  Enrollment information can be obtained from Amy DuLac at 913-367-6204 or adulac@highlandcc.edu.

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