Highland Art Guild Attends Gallery Opening

published September 26, 2022Highland Art Guild Attends Gallery Opening

Highland Art Guild students attended the gallery opening of contemporary printmakers Heinrich Toh and Norman Akers at the Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art (AKMA) in St. Joseph on Friday, Sept. 16.

“The Highland Art Guild strives to enrich student experiences during their time here at Highland. Trips such as these not only are fun, but can really help forge a path as they begin their journey as artists,” said Sam Perkins, HCC Graphic Design Instructor and Art Guild sponsor.

Norman Akers is a Lawrence, Kansas-based artist who explores issues of identity and culture including Osage mythos, place, and the dynamics of personal and cultural transformation.

Brigitte Bruna, HCC Art Instructor and Art Guild sponsor, noted, "It's great to be able to take the students to experience artwork in person. The work becomes more powerful, more personal, and more human than screens or books can reproduce. It is a valuable experience for those that haven't had much gallery or art show exposure."

Toh is a Kansas City-based printmaker and 2D mixed media artist originally from Singapore.

Perkins reflected, “We were really blessed to have Heinrich Toh take time out of his day to speak to our students about becoming a full time artist, his process, the day to day hurdles he faces and how he finds inspiration.”

The exhibitions will be open at AKMA until Nov. 6, 2022.

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