Faculty Spotlight: Tamela Biswell

published November 18, 2022Faculty Spotlight: Tamela Biswell

Tammy Biswell brings a life full of experience to her new position as an instructor in the Early Childhood program at the HCC Wamego Center. In addition to a degree in Vocational Home Economics Education, she has experience as a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and Family and Consumer Sciences instructor. She owned and operated her own daycare and preschool prior to operating the in-house preschool and early childhood program at Wamego High School. She also served as the Career and Technical Education Coordinator managing the 11 CTE Pathways provided in her last school district. In addition to teaching fulltime, she advised members of both Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) and Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Over her 18 years of teaching in the public sector, she completed two National Board Certifications in Early Childhood Education.

Sharon Kibbe is excited to welcome her to the Highland Community College faculty. “Tammy is a dedicated early childhood professional who enjoys sharing her passion with students and colleagues. Her work on building the Early Childhood program at our Wamego Center brings another great option for education to students in the HCC service area.”

With a passion to prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the workforce, Tammy feels the best reward in teaching is watching students recognized for their efforts and accomplishments – be it with an award or a job offer. She hopes students will reflect on their time with her to remember the true care she puts into supporting them throughout their educational journey – and of course her contagious laugh! 

Tammy recommends that people learn to pace themselves in life. “Organize what you need to do today, but never forget to take time for yourself to recharge.” This advice is spoken from a place of deep understanding about the importance of finding that balance in life. Tammy has survived two bouts with cancer and has recently battled Lupus into remission. She is an incredibly energetic person with a positive outlook on life; “all things are possible, you just need to believe.”

When not in her classroom, you may find Tammy competing in a rally competition with one of her two mini-Australian Shepherds. And if you happen to pass her driving down the road, she is probably enjoying the memories brought on by the old country music she’s listening to on her radio.

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