Faculty Spotlight: Ron Adams

published November 3, 2022Faculty Spotlight: Ron Adams

Ron Adams has been teaching Physics, as well as Astronomy, at Highland Community College for more than 20 years. His office is located on the Highland Campus.


After graduating from Purdue University, he earned M.S. degrees from both Miami University and the University of Arkansas. Ron focused his physics studies on the quantum nature of nonlinear optical systems and squeezed states of light. Through his teaching methods and enthusiasm for the topic, Ron encourages his students to also develop an interest in the field.


Dean of Instruction, Sharon Kibbe, emphasizes, “Ron has been an important part of our HCC faculty team for 23 years. His commitment to student learning and service to his colleagues plays an important role in our mission. I enjoy sitting in on his classes and having those “ah-ha!” moments along with his students!”


In furtherance of his professional development as an instructor, Ron gained some helpful advice from a lecture quite ironically titled “Non-drastic Alternatives to Lecture.”


If you are looking for a thought-provoking read, he recommends the classic science fiction novel, Dune, by Frank Herbert which, although published in 1965, contains themes that still resonate in today’s socio-political environment.  


This is the first in an ongoing series of faculty spotlights. A different faculty member will be recognized each week.

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