Faculty Spotlight: Eric Ketchum

published January 18, 2023Faculty Spotlight: Eric Ketchum

Eric Ketchum is a psychology instructor who has been teaching at HCC for ten years. He attended Kansas State University for a B.S. in Psychology and a B.S. in Sociology with a focus on Criminology. He has a special interest in intelligence testing and psychological assessment. Eric spent two years as a Juvenile Corrections Officer and five years as a Police Officer before he returned to the field of academics. He earned both an M.S. and Ed.S. in School Psychology. He served as a licensed School Psychologist for seven years before joining HCC to develop their Criminal Justice and Psychology programs.

Eric believes it is important to advise students, especially those who are just starting their professional careers, that “just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something.” It is important to understand that actions can and will have a significant impact on the lives of those we serve. That is why he strives to model a “think before you act” approach in his classroom.

His favorite thing about teaching at HCC is the opportunity to work with first-generation college students; a category he once occupied. He knows firsthand that taking an interest in a student’s life can have a significant impact. He hopes students will remember him as knowledgeable, fair, and involved.

Sharon Kibbe, Vice President of Academic Affairs, is appreciative of all the roles Eric takes on at HCC. “Not only does he teach multiple classes a semester, but he also chairs or directly supports multiple academic committees on campus and looks for new and innovative ways to engage his students.”

Outside of school, Eric has a busy life. He and his wife, along with their three children, recently had a blast attending the Chiefs-Rams game alongside his brother’s family. He is also interested in family genealogy. He has traced his male ancestors back to approximately 1900 and discovered that his great-great grandfather, the one for whom his grandfather, father, brother, and oldest son are all named, was one of Sheman’s soldiers in the March-to-the-Sea in the Civil War. Eric also enjoys reading and has devoured Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series 4 or 5 times. Something you might never guess is that Eric blows off steam by playing Mortal Kombat online.

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