Computer Support Technology (2 yr)

As businesses rely more and more on computer applications, the importance of quality computer support grows. Computer Support Technicians must enjoy working with people to offer technical assistance with knowledge of computer networking, repair, and programming. 

While enrolled in the Computer Support Technology program students will work towards Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) certifications.  At the completion of second semester students will take the CompTIA A+ and fourth semester CompTIA Net+.  In addition to CompTIA, students have the option to sit for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam. 

Students enrolled full-time can expect to enter the workforce after completing 18 months of coursework.

Visit Highland Community College Technical Center to learn more about an exciting career in CST!

Here are some helpful resources:


First Semester    
CST103 Operating Systems 2
*CST106 Networking Fundamentals CCNA I 4
CST115 PC Troubleshooting Lab 2
CST107 Intro. to Computers and Applications 3
CST124 PC Troubleshooting Essentials 3
  Total for First Semester 14

*CST106 required for AAS degree and highly recommended for the Certificate


Second Semester    
*CST159 Routers & Routing: CCNA2 4
CST152 Introduction to Networking 3
CST154 CompTIA A+ Essentials 3
CST158 CompTIA A+ Practical Applications 3
CRT190 Certification Training Lab 2
  Total for Second Semester 15

*CST159 not required AAS degree or Certificate but highly recommended


Third Semester    
CST218 Linux 2
CST219 Server Operating Systems and Virtualization 3
CST206 Programming 2
*CST212 LAN Switching and Wireless: CCNA3 4
CST207 Technical Support Lab I 2
NET125 Introduction to Net+ 3
  Total for Third Semester 16

*CST212 not required AAS degree or Certificate but highly recommended


Fourth Semester    
CST223 Server Administration 3
CST224 Computer and Network Security 3
CST225 Web Development 3
*CST214 WAN Technologies: CCNA4 4
NET196 Certification Training Lab: NET+ 2
CST195 Occupational Work Experience 0
  Total for Third Semester 15
  Total Credits for Certificate 59

*CST214 not required AAS degree or Certificate but highly recommended



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