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Yost Art Gallery

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Current Yost Exhibit:

January 7 - February 6

J Eric Simmons & Kim Pluskota

Ceramics and Paintings

Kim Pluskota

Artist Statement:

Armed with a background in graphic design, general artsiness, and a love for the bold and colorful side of life, I explore the communication of street-art-like nuances and the union of two and three-dimensional worlds. I use my art as a method of therapy for people stuck in a world of stress and business, in hopes that they might observe it and get lost in their imagination for a moment. I aim for it to invoke colorful meditation with the occasional smile or giggle, sending a vibe of happiness out there to make small, happy waves in the world.

J. Eric Simmons

Artist Statement:

The strong traditions of functional pottery have always been a driving force behind my work. I feel a connection with the potters of the past through recreating traditional ceramic forms and ideas with a modern twist. Through the use of an earth tone glaze palette, I intend to remind the viewer of the strong connection between the artist, the clay, and the earth. The clay, which comes from the natural earth, is molded by the artist’s hand, and is then transformed into art. The finished piece is the embodiment of what the earth and artist are capable of creating. It is this process which has captivated me, and pushed me to pursue my career in ceramic art. 

The Art Of Two

Kim Pluskota and J. Eric Simmons attended Northwest Missouri State University together from 2010 to 2013. It was there that they began to develop their own unique aesthetic within the world of ceramic art. Pluskota developed a more abstractive, design-oriented approach; whereas, Simmons developed a more traditional approach emphasizing form and earthly connection. Both artists studied under the same professors in the same studios, working together, building an artistic relationship and rapport. Both artists’ work, however, is entirely different. Even within a tightknit community of artists, the work that is produced comes directly from within oneself. In this show, you will see two bodies of work from two very different ceramic artists. It is the juxtaposition of varying aesthetics and strong personal bond between artists, that provides for an interestingly cohesive show. 

For more information:
Janet Tyler

Director of Yost Art Gallery