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August 5th- September 25th 

Jennifer Randall


Artist Statement:

Currently working and living in Hutchinson, KS
1988 - Graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco
Jennifer Randall graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco in 1988. She settled in Los Angeles to do a variety of jobs, including typing actor resumes at Kinkos in Studio City, and helping with Tom Petty’s tour book during the Great Wide Open Tour.
She lived in a loft above designer Richard Tyler and a small emerging jeans company called Lucky Brand. Hey it’s LA, one has to drop names!
In the following years she traveled to study art in Paris and daily still asks why she ever left.
Jumping ahead to 2005 while ‘visiting’ Hutchinson Kansas, she and her husband purchased the corner building at B and Main Street. The move to Hutchinson sparked an interest in the history of the area and it’s people. Having already worked on an Art Series of remarkable women, Randall’s paintings quickly embraced Kansas Women as a sub series of paintings.“I found something comforting, inspiring and fascinating about the life stories of these Kansan women. Out of incredible circumstances and against so many odds, they paved a way for themselves and others,
creating memorable stories. Some based on survival, some on a driven passion, each story contains a piece of all of us.
The series also explores the deeper connection we have to each other and where we come from. Each of us have joy, success, struggles, sorrow, and we are often perceived a certain way by how we emotionally and physically display these life events. I have chosen to paint each of these characters from an objective and hopefully, new viewpoint. I enjoy the research of each life I choose to depict in a painting. I embrace the common denominators in our lives along with the differences. I feel less alone as a ‘modern day’ woman, as I face many of the same gender and life struggles. Each of our lives are remarkable in their own way.” Art has a way of making you think, and look at things differently. The seven works on display in “Remarkable Kansas Women” are part of an even larger, on-going series depicting singular women from around the world.
Randall’s website states, “This series was inspired by my interest in the historical lives of women. The force and determination of each life through the most unusual of circumstances is fascinating and worth reconstructing
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Director of Yost Art Gallery