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November 11-December 18

Kevin Burleson



I was born in Maquoketa, Iowa in 1956. My family moved multiple times. I finally settling in Missouri when I was 16 and have lived in Missouri ever since. I have two sons, three step-sons and 8 grandchildren. My wife, Cheryl and I have shared life together for almost 21years. I am grateful for the love and support of my family and friends and consider myself to be a blessed man.

I attended M.W.S.C graduating in 1993 with a B.A. in Art with an emphasis in ceramics. In 2000 I started producing tile and pottery out of my home. Clay is both challenging and rewarding and have loved working with it from day one. I plan to continue working with it for as long as health and opportunity permit. 

Alchemy; "miraculous change of one thing into another."  

Ceramic Alchemy is to miraculously change a thought into fired clay. 

Few mediums offer more challenges. These challenges include: clay body composition, methods of forming, controlling evaporation, learning to wait for the clays cooperation, overcoming warp-age, shrinkage and cracking and firing the clay to the correct viscosity. The glazing also presents it's own set of  challenges. One must accurately measure a mixture of numerous minerals that when combined will: stick to dry clay, melt at a set temperature, obtain a certain texture, turn a certain color, adhere to the clay in a vertical molten state, produce a glass like finish and continue to maintain its strength and beauty long after it has left the kiln. Ceramics calls for all the skills of a sculptor, painter, designer and chemist, plus the patience of a craftsman. I just like the combination of challenges. 

The art combines the five elements of the ancients; earth, wind, water, wood, and fire into one congealed form and it celebrates the history of thousands of years of humanity. Ceramics has always walked with mankind recording the passage of time. 

I fell in love with clay from the first time I felt it yield to my touch, pliable and receptive. I strive to become a master Alchemist, honing my skills at this ancient art. My main goal is to make tile pieces for fireplaces and back-splashes and sinks. Pieces that are beautiful, useful and enduring. 

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Janet Tyler
Director of Yost Art Gallery