Highland Community College



Klinefelter Farm

Renovation of the Klinefelter Barn at the College’s Klinefelter Farm was completed in September 2012. The renovated Klinefelter Barn is now a conference center capable of hosting groups up to 80.  The Barn is used by the College for meetings and conferences related to agriculture and the concept of sustainability.  Knowing the importance of the Barn to the Klinefelters, the structure of the barn was saved.  A new foundation was created, a new exterior constructed, and the interior materials retained after being cleaned and supported.  The original sliding barn doors on the west have been retained, though they are now immobile. A new concrete floor was installed, in addition to restrooms and a small kitchen area.  The eastern wall has been opened with the installation of glass doors that look out over a new balcony and step area.

River Bluff Architects, the architectural firm that designed the renovation of the Barn, was the recipient of the American Institute of Architects, Kansas City, 2012 Design Hero Award, an award that recognizes a client who values good design, understands the importance of supporting the architecture profession, and realizes the positive impact it has on a business and a community.

A proposed trail system was revealed that would accommodate 4K, 5K, and 10K trails for scouts, high school, and the general public to use. Most of the trail is already in place, but work continues on clearing more. 

Research plots by the Land Institute are making progress that will help third world countries. Farm personnel also plan to expand the Native American heirloom seed garden to 11 varieties, and are hosting a garden for the Brown County Healthy Foods Coalition.

The College’s viticulture program will soon tend vineyards on the property, native grasses and bee hives will take up residence nearby, camping is underway in the woods below the barn, and sustainability conferences have already been held.