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Care Team

What is the Care Team?

The Care Team is a team of student services personnel and other support staff trained to identify and assist high-risk students who are having difficulty being academically successful at HCC.

Why does HCC have this program?

Our mission in student services is to assist students to pursue their educational goals, practice considerate behavior, and to develop skills to assist them in life-long learning and achievement.

Students who are depressed or feeling hopeless; under the influence of alcohol or other drugs; or whose behaviors are disruptive to the campus environment are not likely to experience academic success. The Care Team will collect, share, and review information and develop individual prevention, intervention, or support plans of action as appropriate for students at risk of failing or dropping out of HCC.

Who refers students to the Care Team?

Referrals are welcome and may be made by any HCC employee, HCC student, or by self-referral.

What happens when a student is referred to the Care Team?

  • Care Team assesses the need for intervention.
  • Support and referral services are provided according to student need.

How can referrals be made?

Contact any member of the Care Team or complete an online “Concerned About an HCC Student” form.  Information will not be disclosed to anyone who does not have a need to know.

Care Team Members


Kristen Woodruff

Tyler Nordman
Director of Student Life


Cheryl Rasmussen
Vice President for Student Services