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March is Athletic Training Month

published March 12, 2012March is Athletic Training Month

March is Athletic Training Month

On behalf of the 30,000 athletic trainers (AT’s) across the country, Highland Community College head athletic trainer Kyle Montgomery, is pleased to be part of a national celebration of March as Athletic Training Month.  What began as a nice but non-essential part of school-related athletics has become a highly essential support service provided by highly trained professionals and learning students.

Montgomery points with pride to the ATR or athletic training room at the College which is a fully independent operation of athletics that employs two certified athletic trainers, AT's, and 12-18 athletic training students, ATS's.  As physician extenders, Montgomery and his assistant, Suzanne Crawford, serve as an extension of the medical services received from a physician's office.  The Highland ATR’s unique location allows Montgomery and his staff to care for athletes in a significant way.  

Athletic Training staff is on the front lines of the athletic community instead of in doctor's offices.  Injured athletes do not have to schedule appointments or travel to receive medical services because the ATR is directly in the athletic setting, ready to help when a situation arises. AT’s can be found alongside the teams at weight sessions, workouts, practices, games, and even travel to away games, tournaments,  and regional and national events.  AT's are healthcare professionals educated in caring for injuries big and small.  AT's help with everything from basic aches, pains, sicknesses, injury evaluations, rehabilitation programs, and if the situation arises, are qualified in various advanced life-saving techniques.  Highland’s AT mission is to prevent and care for athletic injuries while improving the performance of all HCC athletes.  Their dedication towards this mission is one minor reason HCC athletics compete at a superior level.

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