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Highland VP on Education Panel

published May 5, 2016

Highland VP on Education Panel

Peggy Forsberg, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Highland Community College, will be joining other education officials for a panel presentation at the Association of Teacher Educators-Kansas.  The ATE-Kansas/KACTE Spring Conference will convene on April 1 at Friends University in Wichita.  Dr. Kelly Gillespie, CEO of Southwest Plains Regional Service Center in Sublette, will lead a powerful discussion among highly-respected educators from across the state. 

Joining Forsberg on the panel will be Dr. Randy Watson - Kansas Commissioner of Education; Janet Jump - Title I and Principal on Special Assignment, Wichita School District; and Dr. Deb Hamm – Superintendent, Newton School District.

This group is charged with providing a vision for PK-20 (the education abbreviation for pre-kindergarten through completion of a master’s degree) collaboration and accountability to prepare future teachers.  Notably, Forsberg will review the College’s use of the Digital eWalkThrough System to provide instructors with immediate evaluative feedback on their instructional strategies and techniques. 

The team at Southwest Plains conceptualized and built the Digital eWalkThrough™ System used to observe 13,572 teachers in 726 schools (150,000 observations and 6.5 million data points) over the last five years. Currently serving higher education and school districts in Kansas and Nebraska, implementation is expanding throughout the Midwest.

A full slate of concurrent sessions and presentations is scheduled.  Dr. Watson, the Kansas Commissioner of Education, is also the keynote speaker for the day.  Prior to assuming his current role, Dr. Watson held a series of focus sessions across the state to collect impressions from key stakeholders on expectations for Kansas K-12 education.

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