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Highland Theatre to Present Little Shop of Horrors

published May 5, 2016

Highland Theatre to Present Little Shop of Horrors

Under the theatre direction of Theatre Director Sam Smith and musical direction of Shayna Leahy, Director of Vocal Music, the Highland Community College theatre and music departments will be bringing that vivacious, voracious plant, Audrey II, to the Mary Helen Porter stage in Culbertson Auditorium in their presentation of Little Shop of Horrors.  Little Shop will open on April 21 and 22 at 7:30 pm, and close with a matinee performance at 2:00 pm on April 23.  This presentation is open to the public free of charge.

Little Shop of Horrors had its own history on film and stage before it became a hit movie in 1986 as a rock musical horror comedy.  Don’t see many of those these days.  The plot centers on a nerdy flower shop worker named Seymour.  He and a fellow shop worker named Audrey save the shop by displaying a plant he bought at a Chinese shop – he names it Audrey II -- in the front window. It attracts the needed business to save the shop.  Oh, and it talks.  And sings, of course.  When it starts to fade in the front window, while trying to revive it, Seymour accidently pricks his finger and his blood provides the revival.  Audrey II thrives on human blood.  Oops.

The ensuring actions includes intrigue, murder, mayhem, blood, escapism, science fiction, love – all in a family fun atmosphere.  There is a plot twist at the end and action throughout – including the audience-favorite puppets used to portray Audrey II as she grows on the blood to become a man-eater in her own right.  Information about the production is available from Smith at smsmith@highlandcc.edu or Leahy at sleahy@highlandcc.edu.  

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