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Highland PTK Chapter Earn Regional Awards

published May 5, 2016

Highland PTK Chapter Earns Regional Awards

The Alpha Zeta Gamma chapter, located on the Highland campus of Highland Community College, of Phi Theta Kappa International Honorary Society, received numerous awards at the Kansas/Nebraska Region Convention conducted recently in Manhattan.  The 45 Phi Theta Kappa chapters of the Kansas/Nebraska Region may choose to submit entries for a variety of awards that are given out at the Convention. 

The Alpha Zeta Gamma (AZG) chapter, sponsored by Highland faculty members Harry Moeller and Margy Heddens, received a number of awards for 2015-2016 as follows:

·         Five Star Chapter Plan

Chapters can reach different levels of achievement based on meeting certain criteria and which range from a one star level to a five star level.  The Alpha Zeta Gamma chapter reached the five star level which our chapter has not achieved since 2004.

·         Service Award – Honorable Mention

·         Great Idea Award

Chapters submit a unique activity that was done during the past year.  The AZG entry described the candle fundraiser through Gold Canyon where part of the proceeds go to various charities supported by the Prayer Child Foundation.

·         Honors in Action Award

Chapters are asked to study a particular Honors in Action topic.  AZG’s topic focused on quests of human expression as related to body art.  The chapter put together a video where students and employees were interviewed about their tattoos which was shown to the student population.

·         Yearbook Award

Chapters submit yearbooks which chronicle the activities of the chapter over the     previous calendar year.

·         Distinguished Chapter Officer Team Award

This is the first time the AZG chapter has ever received this award.  Officers for this award are: Johnathan Dallman (Silver Lake), Lance Ernzen (Atchison),

Betsy Fauglid (Olathe), Danica Haverkamp (Holton), Marissa Horton (Atchison), and Kalli Morland (Louisburg).

·         Channing Bear Award

The Channing Bear is a “Build a Bear” which is donated by the Kansas Region Alumni Association as the Kansas/Nebraska Region mascot.  At the beginning of the Regional Convention, each chapter in attendance is asked to give a chant, cheer, or skit related to the Phi Theta Kappa hallmarks.  The winner keeps Channing Bear until the next regional conference.  This is an unofficial award, but the Alpha Zeta Gamma chapter won out of the 15 attending chapters and gets to keep the Channing Bear until the next regional conference.  AZG received the Channing Bear at the regional conference last year as well.

·         Competitive Edge 5 Star Member – Johnathan Dallman (Silver Lake)

Competitive Edge is a professional development plan that members have access to on the Phi Theta Kappa website.  Levels of achievement can be reached starting at a one star level up to a five star level.  Johnathan Dallman was one of only 12 members in the Kansas/Nebraska region who achieved the 5 star level; he received a plaque for this achievement.

·         Kansas/Nebraska Region Logo

The regional coordinator, Tammy Fuentez, asked all regional Phi Theta Kappa members to submit a new logo for the region since Nebraska and Kansas merged during the current year.  The logo submitted by AZG members Syvannah Williams (Leavenworth) was chosen; she was given a Phi Theta Kappa stole.


The President and CEO of Phi Theta Kappa, Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner, as well as one of the student International Officers, President Yanik Etan, were present at this year’s Regional Convention.

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