Spanish Language

LG 100 Conversational Spanish (2)

This course emphasizes the development of basic Spanish communications skills through practice in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  It is designed to introduce students to skills necessary for casual conversation and career specific situations.

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LG 101 Spanish I (5)

This course covers the fundamentals of Spanish pronunciation, vocabulary building, conjugation of the present tense, and introduction of two past tenses.  The course will provide practice in understanding and speaking simple phrases, elementary reading and writing, and some study of the culture of people in countries where Spanish is spoken.

LG 102 Spanish II (5)

Prerequisite: LG 101

This course builds on Spanish I and provides continued emphasis on pronunciation, vocabulary building, speaking, and understanding modern Spanish.  Focus will be on elementary reading and basic writing skills as well as the study of the culture of Latin America and Spain.  Review of the present tense is continued.  The course will introduce the preterite tense and irregulars, the future, conditional, and perfect tenses,  and subjunctive-introduction to present.  Direct and indirect object pronouns, reflexive pronouns, command forms, sequencing, and storytelling will also be covered.

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