SSS staff are dedicated to ensuring each participant reaches their educational and career goals. Participants will have:

  • Personal SSS Counselor
  • Personalized Education Action Plans
  • Regular Meetings Each Semester with SSS Counselor

Students will also benefit from advising/counseling in the following areas:

  • Academic
  • Financial
  • Personal
  • Career


Participants in the SSS program have a wide variety of academic tools at their disposal. These include:

  • Peer Tutors
  • English and Math Specialists
  • Developmental Instruction in English and Math
  • Study Groups
  • Study Skills Assistance


SSS participants will enjoy having the benefit of several career exploration tools including:

  • Career Counseling with a SSS Counselor
  • Career & Life Planning Course
  • Professional Mentoring
  • Job Shadowing
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Glassdoor

Financial Aid Assistance

Financial Aid Tools include:

Transfer/Admissions Assistance

SSS employs a full time Transfer Advisor to assist participants when they are ready to make the step to the next level of education.

  • Transfer Visit Days
  • Recruitment Days
  • College Resource Library
  • Transfer Workshops
  • Transfer Advising

Personal Growth

SSS will give its participants the opportunity for:

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Leadership Training
  • Personal Counseling
  • Community Projects

Social Events

SSS participants will also enjoy the benefit of attending a variety of activities each semester including:

  • Social Events
  • Cultural Activities
  • Community Learning Groups

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