Highland Community College

Academic Reinstatement Form

Students who have been suspended from receiving Federal Financial Aid for not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) may apply for reinstatement. In order to have academic status reviewed by the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) committee, students must have a documented extenuating circumstance OR achieved SAP their most recent semester (not cumulative). In order to achieve SAP, students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA and have passed or earned credit in 67% of their attempted credit hours.

  • Students without documentation of extenuating circumstances must fill out Part A of this Form and submit.
  • Students with documentation of extenuating circumstances must fill out Part B of this form and complete Section #1, Section #2, or Section #3, depending upon your circumstances. Attach all documentation before submitting.
All Students Must Complete This Portion of the Reinstatement Request
  • e.g. 2011
  • Part A: Self-Reinstatement Without Documentation

  • Students who do not have documentation of an extenuating circumstance must check this box and then scroll to the bottom of the screen to submit your reinstatement.

  • Part B: Appeal for Reinstatement With Required Documentation Attached

  • Please answer the questions in the appropriate section below.

    • If your extenuating circumstance is medical, answer questions in Section #1, Medical Extenuating.
    • If there are extenuating circumstances that are non-medical, answer questions in Section #2, Non-Medical Extenuating.
    • If you achieved SAP in your most recent semester of attendance, answer questions in Section #3, SAP Achieved in Most Recent Semester of Attendance.
  • Section #1, Medical Extenuating Circumstances
    1. Does it pertain to you, your parent, child, or partner?
    1. Do you have documentation? You must attach documentation from a medical professional in order for the committee to review an extenuating medical circumstance. If you do not attach medical documentation from a professional, your medical request will not be reviewed. Inclusive dates of treatment must be included in the documentation.
    1. Describe your medical extenuating circumstance. Include dates of treatment by professionals and length of illness or medical situation.
    1. Why did this medical circumstance prevent you from achieving satisfactory academic progress this semester?
    1. How has your situation changed so that you feel you are capable of achieving satisfactory academic progress next semester?
  • Section #2, Non-medical Extenuating Circumstances
    1. How many years since you've last attended any college?
    1. Describe your non-medical extenuating circumstance and all dates associated with your description of events.
    1. Do you have documentation of the non-medical extenuating circumstances described above? If so, please attach. Documentation from a professional strengthens your request for reinstatement.
    1. Have you achieved satisfactory academic progress in previous semesters at HCC or another college or university?
    1. How has your extenuating circumstance changed so that you feel you are capable of achieving satisfactory academic progress next semester?
  • Section #3, SAP Achieved (2.0 GPA and 67% completion rate) in most recent semester of attendance.

    If you are a student who did well academically this semester, but were not able to meet cumulative SAP requirements and therefore were suspended, the committee will assess your academic progress and consider your request for reinstatement.

    1. How many hours did you pass last semester?
    1. How many hours did you attempt last semester?
    1. What was your last semester’s GPA?
  • Note: You must have passed 67% of the hours you attempted with a 2.0 GPA to be considered for reinstatement this semester.

    1. Did you attend Highland Community College last semester?
    1. If not, what was your last semester of attendance at Highland Community College?
    1. Have you attended any other colleges or universities in your college career?
  • As a personal identifier that replaces your signature, please indicate the color of your eyes.

  • Attach Document(s)