Yost Gallery to Feature Work by Rachel Deutmeyer from March 6 through April 3

published March 5, 2020Yost Gallery to Feature Work by Rachel Deutmeyer from March 6 through April 3

Yost Gallery, located in the Communications & Technology Building on the main campus of Highland Community College, will show work by photographer, Rachel Deutmeyer from March 6 until April 3. Her work includes her experience growing up in a rural community surrounded by farmland in eastern Iowa.


Rachel Deutmeyer is an artist based in central Missouri. She received her Master of Fine Arts from Iowa State University in May 2018. After graduating with honors, she has continued to participate in regional and national exhibitions. Deutmeyer works with both film and digital photography to create images that explore place and examine implications of the photographic medium, including art and snapshot. Her work is heavily influenced by her Midwestern roots and interest in the relationship of people to land. 


Deutmeyer states that her images are “inspired by a curiosity and respect for the land and the people who work it.” She is interested in the role of images as record during a time when land and farming are rapidly evolving.


These photographs document spaces as they exist in a single moment while also acting as metaphors of time and change. She considers the overlap of history, nostalgia, and the unreliability of memory and invites viewers to explore the narrative that may emerge through quiet images of objects and spaces. Deutmeyer reminds us that this project is a current work-in-progress. All photographs are dated 2018 – 2019 and are presented as archival inkjet prints. The photographs do not have individual titles and the viewer is invited to discover a narrative as they move, uninterrupted, from one image to the next.


Yost Gallery is open to the community Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with no admission fee. 


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