Highland Community College

Library Policies

NOTE: For a full description of HCC Library operations the Library Policy and Procedures notebook in the Library must be consulted.

Library Cards: Students

At enrollment time HCC students will be asked to sign a library application card requiring a legal signature. This card will be kept on file at the Library. A numbered I.D. card will be issued to the applicant through the Dean of Students' office. This card MUST be presented at the desk in order to check out any materials. A $5.00 fee will be assessed to replace the card. The card is valid until the last day of finals; students must have a card validated for each following semester. The card holder is responsible for materials checked out on his/her card.

Library Cards: On-Campus Instructors and Staff

Each academic year a new library user number will be assigned to the on-campus faculty, administrators, and staff. No user card needs to be presented for checkouts.

Cards for Regional Education (Outreach) Students and Instructors

Library user applications will be distributed to the Instructors by the Outreach Coordinators, via the Assistant Dean of Regional Education. Upon receipt of the user application, a library number will be assigned to the Instructor or the student. This number must appear on all requests for library materials.

Cards for Community patrons

An adult patron may apply for a library card number. This card must be presented at the desk in order to check out materials. A $5.00 fee will be assessed for replacing a lost card. Anyone 17 years of age or under who is not enrolled at Highland Community College must have the application card signed by a parent or guardian; use of the Internet computers or video checkout requires a signed permission from the parent or guardian. A limit of two items per person may be checked out at any one time. Materials may not be checked out if the patron has unpaid fines or overdue materials. A Kansas Library card will be issued after the requester has filled out a library application card and presented a valid copy of a current library card from another Kansas library. The card from the other library may or may not be checked on by the library staff.


  1. Ignorance of any library regulation will not be considered sufficient excuse for its violation.
  2. The patron has the responsibility to return borrowed materials on or before the date due and for paying all fines and charges on over-due items and/or lost materials.
  3. Do not lend books which were charged out on your card number to faculty, fiancee, family, or friends.
  4. Report immediately any lost library materials.
  5. Return library materials to the library personally. The patron is responsible for their care until returned. A drop box is available after hours.
  6. All library obligations must be taken care of by the end of the semester or holds will be put on student records. Community users may not check out any materials if a book is overdue or a fine is unpaid.
  7. Any patron is entitled to use the library and check out materials as long as he/she merits the privilege by proper conduct and cooperation in use of its facilities.
  8. Any materials carried out of the library must be carried through the security gates.
  9. All checkouts may be renewed once (except Reserves, current periodicals, and videocassettes) if no one else has requested the item.
  10. Children aged eight (8) and under must be accompanied in the Library by a parent or teacher at all times.

Library Fines

  • 14-DAY LOANS. Ten (10) cents a calendar day will be charged on late 14-day loans.
  • ALL OTHER LOANS. Ten (10) cents a calendar day will be charged for all other late loans, except Reserve, videocassette, and/or interlibrary loans.
  • RESERVE LOANS. Fifty (50) cents per hour or fraction of an hour up to $5.00, then ten (10) cents an hour up to a maximum $10.00 will be charged on Reserve loans taken out of the Library. Loans taken in the evening are due at 8:00 a.m. the next day that the Library is open at that time. It is not the library staff's duty to remind patrons of the times or fines on Reserve checkouts.
  • SPECIAL LOANS. Loans made by the Library Director will be subject to the Reserve fine rate.
  • VIDEOCASSETTES. Loans are subject to a fine of $1.00 per calendar day overdue. Overdue items may be renewed in person only after fines and library obligations have been paid. Any lost or damaged item must be paid for. This cost will include the amount to replace it, plus a processing fee for each lost item: $5.00 for books and audiovisuals; $2.50 for all other materials.

Faculty Overdue Obligations:

Full-time faculty may keep books needed as resources for class work checked out during the academic year, but are expected to return all materials at the end of the Spring Semester. There are no overdue fines assessed, with the one exception of overdue interlibrary loans which will be $1.00 a day. Videos for class work likewise may be kept for as long as needed. Recreational movies for home viewing should be returned within the three day checkout time allotted; no overdue fines are assessed. Current magazines are due the next return date without exception. No overdue fines are assessed for magazine overdues. For any lost item, all replacement costs should be paid by the faculty member; however, no processing charges are assessed.

Gifts to the Library

Any gift designated for the Library should be made to the Office of Institutional Development.