Highland Community College

HCC Branding


These templates and logos have been approved to be used by any and all marketing need throughout the campus and regional sites. Please do not distort the logo or files. Attached are the HCC branding guidelines as well. For the regional, technical, and online locations - your logos can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Any questions contact Jaime Albers at graphics@highlandcc.edu.

  (jpg format)  (pdf format)

  (jpg format) (pdf format)

Regional, Technical, Online HCC logos


This guide seeks to provide rules and procedures for graphically representing Highland Community College. The information contained within serves to create and maintain a cohesive marketing presence in the region, on campus, online, and beyond. Thank you for all you do to help promote the College. Any questions please contact Jaime Albers at graphics@highlandcc.edu

graphic design manual.pdf

Graphic Request

Consistent imaging is a critical component of how we communicate about Highland Community College. Adhering to defined graphic standards enables clear messaging and aids in the branding of the College. In part, it is crucial that no outside marketing materials be displayed or used in any form without approval of Institutional Advancement either through graphics@highlandcc.edu or cmosher@highlandcc.edu. In house design requests can be submitted to graphics@highlandcc.edu with an attached request form for your design needs. 

> graphic design request forms are located under Forms on the intranet


Thank you for taking all of the HCC branding requirements into consideration to better the overall outcome and appearance of Highland Community College.

Jaime Albers

Chief Creative Designer