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The HCC Foundation Scholarship is designed to recognize and reward students who have excellent academic and personal accomplishments. This prestigious award pays for Kansas tuition, fees, book rental, and campus housing. To be considered for this award students must have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale, at least a 22 composite ACT score, demonstrated leadership qualities, have a history of involvement in activities and service, designate at least two areas of academic and/or performance interest, and must commit to completing an associate degree at HCC. Applications must be submitted by February 1 of each year.

Foundation Scholarship Application (PDF)

The Highland Foundation has created scholarships designed to recognize and reward incoming students at Highland Community College who have excellent academic and personal accomplishments. These awards were created to honor the spirit of the people associated with HCC, a spirit which has fostered academic and personal growth. This spirit has resulted in awards which will allow students to concentrate on furthering their academic and personal development free of concern about educational expenses while at HCC.
Highland Community College is the first institution of higher education in the state of Kansas. As such, it has a proud history of academic accomplishment. 
In the spring of each year, Kansas high school students who are graduating that spring will be recognized as Foundation Scholars. The scholarships will be awarded based on academic and performance accomplishments with the expectation that the students will continue those accomplishments.
Applicants recognized as Foundation Scholars will have proven records of success in their academic and performance areas. Their records will include:
- a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale
- at least a 22 composite score on the ACT
- demonstrated leadership qualities
- a history of involvement in activities and service
- at least two areas of academic and/or performance interest
Foundation Scholars are recognized to acknowledge the value of involvement in service to one’s community and the dedication required to excel in an academic or performance area. Consequently, Foundation Scholars are expected to be leaders on campus. The recipients will justify their awards by continuing to demonstrate the qualities which led to their selection. To retain their awards, recipients must maintain a minimum of 3.50 cummulative GPA and continue their commitment to at least two activities.

Students interested in being considered as applicants for these scholarships should work with their high school counselors and personnel at the College to have the necessary academic and financial aid information on file at the College by February 1 preceding the date of enrollment.
To be considered, Foundation Scholar applicants must submit --
• to the HCC Office of Student Services:
- application for admission to the College
- six semester high school transcripts
-ACT scores
• to the HCC Foundation Executive Director
- completed Foundation Scholar Application form
- letter of application to be a Foundation Scholar
- detailed resume
- 2 letters of recommendation: 1 related to academics, 1 related to activities
- Interviews will be scheduled with applicants based on these materials
• In addition, the HCC program director, coach, or sponsor of your selected performance areas needs to confirm with Dr. Mosher that you will be participating in that area.

An applicant’s materials will not be reviewed for acceptance until all of the above items are received. The letter of application should discuss intended participation at HCC. Applicants will need to apply and be accepted by the program coordinators prior to the meeting of the selection committee in early February.
Students must maintain a 3.50 cumulative GPA or above, scholarship status in at least one performance activity each semester, plus participate in at least one other HCC activity. Failure to fulfill these requirements will result in discontinuation of the award.

Performance Activity (two Performance Activities or one Performance Activity and one Academic Activity/Scottie Ambassador):

Athletic Trainers

Cheerleaders/Classy Lassies

Music (Vocal)


     Baseball, Basketball (men and women), Cross Country (men and women), Football, Softball, Track & Field (men and women), Volleyball

Theatre: (Major roles in at least two play productions)

Academic Activity:

Agriculture, Art, Business, Education, Yearbook

Scottie Ambassador

Applicant’s materials should be on file with the HCC Office of Student Services and the HCC Foundation Office by February 1 preceding the date of enrollment.
Questions about the Foundation Scholarship program may be directed to
Dr. Craig Mosher, Executive Director of the HCC Foundation. Applicants and their families are encouraged to visit the HCC campus to talk with campus personnel.
Foundation Scholarship recipients will be awarded Kansas tuition, fees, book rental, and campus housing. MEALS AND CLASS SUPPLIES ARE NOT INCLUDED. The magnitude of these awards is such that students are discouraged from working during the academic year.
The Foundation Scholarship selection committee will meet in early February to review applicant credentials, discuss qualifications, make the initial selections, and set the interview date.
The selection committee will make every effort to complete the selection process so recipients can be notified as soon as possible.
A media release concerning the awards and recipients will be made from the College. On request, College officials will also be available for participation in appropriate recognition ceremonies at the high schools of the recipients.

For more information contact:
Dr. Craig Mosher
Executive Director
Highland Community College Foundation
606 W. Main
Highland, KS 66035
(785) 442-6019