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Fall 2017 Featured Courses

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Offered Description Special Notes
AB 210 Crop Science 4 Campus - TR 9:30-10:50am TR Lab 1-2:20 This course will examine plant morphology and anatomy and will also provide a history of plant agriculture.  The course will emphasize plant structures and systems related to the five major field crops found in the local region: corn, sorghum, wheat, soybeans, and alfalfa.  Growth stages, critical periods of development, plant nutrition, mineral elements involved in physiology, and grain grading and marketing will also be covered. This class will meet Kansas State's requirement on K8 in the Natural & Physical Science major, not just ag majors.
IDS140.01 Creativity Across the Disciplines 3 Campus TR 12:30-1:150 pm

Writing, music, graphic arts, performance, and technology all share the creative spirit. In this class we work both independently and in teams on creative projects. We study how the mind makes beauty, stimulates fresh thought, and expresses freedom. A benefit is the opportunity to share work with a wider audience through publication, exhibition, or performance, and to receive valuable feedback to improve our creativity.

This is a great course for a student who wants the freedom to experiment and the opportunity to work with creative minds in many areas of expertise.

ENG211 World Literature II 3

Campus TR 8-9:20 am

This course focuses on the scope of world literature with selections generally regarded as masterpieces.  The time range represented by the selections is wide, roughly from 1650 CE to the present.

It does NOT require World Lit I as a prerequisite

PS 107 General Chemistry 5 Various days and times This course is designed for a student who seeks a transferable physical science class with lab for non-majors. This course emphasizes on how one may view the world through the atoms and molecules. The expectations for use of mathematics in thsi course is minimal. Students who intend to take College Chemistry I & II shoudl not enroll in this course. This course introduces the chemical world to students without high school knowledge in chemistry.


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