Highland Community College

Evidence Room


1. A. The institution's mission is broadly understood within the institution and guides its operations.

Complete Full Measure implementation in order to keep students engaged, informed, and making progress toward their chosen degree.


1. B. The mission is articulated publicly.

Continuous quality improvement in all campus communication to include regular meetings among divisions, written communication pieces, employee forums.

1. C. The institution understands the relationship between its mission and the diversity of society.

Create a cross departmental Diversity and Inclusion Team to include faculty, staff and students.

1. D. The institution's mission demonstrates commitment to the public good.

Work with constituencies in the Wamego Area to develop a Kansas Wine Region 

Engage business Partners (in Diesel Tech and Precision AG) more agressively

Use the School/Business/Parent model survey developed for use in Nemaha, Brown, and Doniphan counties to conduct a needs assessment in Atchison and Jefferson counties in Spring 2017.

Work with local businesses to develop, customize, and find training they need locally to expand and upskill their workforce.

Collaborate with K-12 districts in ways beyond offering credit to raise the level of college and career readiness of graduates in high growth, high demand career pathways.




2. A. The institution operates with integrity in its financial, academic, personnel, and auxiliary functions; it establishes and follows fair and ethical policies and processes for its governing board, administration, faculty, and staff.he institution's mission is broadly understood within the institution and guides its operations.

CoImplement campus-wide training to align with Title IX compliance reviewsmplete Full Measure implementation in order to keep students engaged, informed, and making progress toward their chosen degree.

Title IX, CARE, and Student Conduct Teams receive appropriate training and support for continued implementation of Federal Compliance associated with Cleary Act, VAWA, Campus Save, Association of Student Conduct, and National Behavior Intervention Team.

Provide Professional Development/Training for all employees.

Develop New Employee Orientation Process  to include a formal mentoring system for faculty and staff.

Implement a nationally normed employee climate survey.

2. B. The instiution presents itself clearly and completely to its students and to the public with regard to its programs, requirements, faculty and staff, cost to students, control, and accreditation relationships.

Enhance Website Accuracy/Usability for Employees

2. C. The governing board of the institution is sufficiently autonomous to make decisions in interest of the instiution and to ensure its integrity.

2. D. The institution is committed to freedom of expression and the pursuit of truth in teaching and learning.

Implement Academic Freedom and Integrity Statement

2. E. The institution's policies and procedures call for reasonable acquisition, discovery and application of knowledge by its faculty, students, and staff.

Create and implement IRB process and procedures.

Develop and implement best-practice classroom instruction and tools (e.g. Turnitin) to promote academic integrity practices among HCC students in all delivery formats

Use centralized data in Maxient to develop targets to increase campus safety, decrease plaegerism, and enhance campus climate.



3.A. The institution's degree programs are appropriate to higher education.

Present program outcomes for each general education/transfer and certificate/AAS program and implement 2-3 student learning assessment measures for each program.

Review the Graphic Design program as well as others that are identified, to fit current needs of the service area.

Implement a plan for evaluating student outcomes in the online learning environment.

3.B. The institution demonstrates that the exercise of intellectual inquiry and the acquisition, application, and integration of broad learning and skills are integral to its educational programs.

Enhance student development by offering activity and classroom programming across these five areas: Culture and Diversity, Academic & Professional; Health and Wellness; Leadership & Service, and Personal Development and Social Engagement.

Create a statement regarding diversity and multiculturalism appropriate for all First Day Handouts.

Consider organizing academic department around division chairs to provide oversight, leadership, and accountability.

3.C. The institution has the faculty and staff needed for effective, high quality programs and student services.

Value, support, and encourage professional development activities to include conference attendance, presentation, and research.

Implement an assessment of the effectiveness of office hours.

Enhance student resources provided to online students.

Develop a series of professional development (online, in-service, self-paced) resources aligned with the measures in the evaluation tool for the purpose of creating faculty improvement plans.

3.D. The institution provides support for student learning and effective teaching.

Implement new full time faculty evaluation tool.

Implement a plan for evaluating instructor effectiveness  in the online learning environment.

Enhance student resources provided to online students.

Develop a series of professional development (online, in-service, self-paced) resources aligned with the measures in the evaluation tool for the purpose of creating faculty improvement plans.

3.E. The institution fulfills the claims it makes for an enriched educational environment.

Enhance career services opportunities for students across HCC. (Already established a Career Placement and Student Employment page and working on Full Measure implementation.)

Require each of the academic scholarship areas to offer regular student engagement opportunities within their areas by Fall 2017.



4.A. The institution demonstrates responsibility for the quality of its educational programs.

Develop a Gen ED/CTE Collaboration Council to improve integration between general ed and career tech ed programs.

Implement Master Course Outlines for all general education courses.

Identify, develop and implement a web-based tool for assessing student perception of teaching effectiveness.  

Continue to improve the academic program review process inserting benchmark reports to provide evidence that recommendations are implemented.

Implement a non-academic program review process.

4.B. The institution demonstrates a comittment to educational achievement and improvement through ongoing assessment of student learning.

Expand assessment of student performance for all modalities based on Shared Performance Expectations.

Develop a robust assessment process to measure student outcomes.

Develop dashboards to assist in monitoring performance across the organization.

4.C. The institution demonstrates a commitment to educational improvement through ongoing attention to retention, persistence, and completion rates in its degree and certificate programs.

Revise curriculum in College Success and Orientation class (COL 103) to enhance retention, persistence and completion rates.



5.A. The institution's resource base supports its current educational programs and its plans for maintaining and strengthening their quality in the future.

Implement budget initiatives that support adequate numbers of staff members and competitive and equitable salary packages.

Strengthen hiring approach and improve practices in defining qualifications for jobs.

Conduct an environmental scan in 2017 to inform the next strategic planning process.

Work with Alumni & Foundation Boards to raise money from donors (alumni, friends, corporations)

Develop a campus wide, transparent budgeting process that supports the strategic plan.

Develop and implement a useable data dashboard to include internal and external benchmarks.

Continue working toward and communicating progress toward R3 Campaign and Reimplementataion Processes.

5.B. The institution's governance and administrative structures promote effective leadership and support collaborative processes than enable the institution to fulfill its mission.

Deploy ERP and Payroll Improvements

Review and update Highland Community College Board Bylaws.

Develop a succession plan for college leadership.

Continue development of employee recognition and incentive programs to include retirements, resignations, promotions, innovations, cost saving measures.

Develop performance evaluations for non-master contract staff.

5.C. The institution engages in systematic and integrated planning.

For the purpose of  improving maintenance and condition of student housing, develop a long-range plan for campus apartment maintenance.

Enhance system wide facility planning  (evaluation of classroom and housing space, athletic facilities, regional operations) to accommodate enrollment goals.

Address HCC's Technology and Data Security Needs.

Develop a budget process which supports the college mission, strategic plan, and the Shared Performance Expectations.

5.D. The institution works systematically to improve its performance.

Conduct Athletic Alumni Survey for recent alumni on their HCC Athletic Experience.

Continue deploying new enhanced applications for better service.

Enhance and Improve HCC's Online presence.


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