Highland Community College

Class Registration Policies


(Subject to change by HCC Board of Trustees)

Tuition Costs

Registration And Admission

If you wish to attend classes through the regional program follow these steps:

  1. Go to the location where you want to take the course(s) and complete the Highland Community College enrollment form. Pay the full tuition. The enrollment form serves as your admissions form.
  2. Provide a copy of your high school transcript or a copy of your GED diploma. The transcript may be mailed directly from the high school.
  3. Students seeking enrollment for ENG 101, College English I or MAT 104, College Algebra must show the score sheet containing test results from either an ACT, SAT, or ASSET standardized test to the individual responsible for enrollment. A minimum score in each area is needed before enrollment is allowed..


If Highland Community College cancels a class, you will receive a full refund of tuition paid.

* 100% of tuition, instructional fee and lab fees on non-consumable items if you complete the necessary withdrawal procedure before the first class meeting.

* If you withdraw from a class or classes, but are still enrolled, you will receive 50% of tuition of withdrawn class if the withdrawal procedure is completed before the equivalent of two weeks of classes. FOR CLASSES THAT MEET ONCE A WEEK, THE SECOND CLASS EQUALS TWO WEEKS.

NO REFUND will be authorized for withdrawals or changes in registration made after the above specified times.

If you withdraw completely before the end of the semester, your refund will be determined according to federal regulations. HCC will use our institutional policy, the Federal Pro-Rata policy, or the Federal Refund policy. You must see the Dean of Student Services to withdraw from all classes. Copies of the above refund policies may be obtained from the Dean of Student Services.

Regional Drop - Refund Procedures

In order to officially drop a regional class, the student must complete an official drop form. Contact your Regional Coordinator.

Dropping And Adding Courses

You may add a class through the first week of classes during a regular semester, the first four days of an eight week session, the first two days of a four week session, and before the second class of a course shorter than four weeks.

You should consult the school calendar listed in the HCC catalog for the last day to officially withdraw from a class. A "W" grade is recorded on your permanent record if the withdrawal occurs on or after the state reporting date (the 20th class day during the fall and spring semesters.)

Changes And Class Cancellations

Highland Community College reserves the right to cancel, combine, or change the time, day, location of any class or classes, and to change the instructor and/or instructional method. Tuition and fees may also be changed by the Board of Trustees without notice or obligation.