HCC’s Definition of Assessment:

Assessment is the ongoing, systematic collection and analysis of data that is used to document the state of student learning relative to faculty-defined learning outcomes and expected institutional achievements and which informs decisions that lead to the improvement of teaching, learning, and student success.


Shared Values:

We identify the following shared values with regards to the importance of assessment. We believe that assessment:

  • Is everyone’s responsibility and provides the opportunity to self-assess and make improvements.
  • Guides the discovery of how well students are learning and how learning might be further enhanced as an integral part of the educational process.
  • Provides accountability to students, parents, taxpayers, and business and industry to attain and maintain high quality standards.
  • Informs short and long-term decisions to improve instruction and aligns with HCC’s strategic plan and budget.
  • Takes place at the course/competency, program, and institutional level and encourages the consideration of meaningful, measurable data that can fit everyone regardless of location, modality, general education, or career and technical.
  • Includes the combination of external benchmarking with similar institutions, internal comparison of progress toward our targets, and compliance with requirements from outside entities.


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