Assessment Plan

A standard course syllabus is available for each course currently offered at Highland Community College.  When teaching assignments are made, instructors are given a copy of the syllabus for use in preparing instruction and as a basis for developing a course outline.

In-Course Assessment:

Each course syllabus contains core competencies intended to be statements of student abilities after completing the course. The instructor selects which items, projects, assignments, or other class work will be part of the assessment by describing the assessment procedure in the standard course syllabus.

General Education Assessment:

Highland Community College graduates will be prepared through general education and specialized programs to:

  • Demonstrate the oral and written communication skills to express themselves in a meaningful and understandable manner;

  • Demonstrate the mathematical skills needed to pursue career and life choices;

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the psychological, social, political, and economic environments of the world;

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the physical environment and the living organisms that make up the world;

  • Demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of art, music, drama, and literature;

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills in order to make more informed decisions in the world;

  • Demonstrate the ability to access information by a variety of means including books, journals, databases, computer networks, and Internet sites.

The CAAP test is used as a measure for the General Education assessment. It provides HCC with nationally normed data. The data help the College to ascertain the "value added" to our students by their educational experience here.

Assessment Criteria:

Course and program competencies will be a part of the course syllabi and program descriptions.The appropriate instructor or group of instructors will select student assignments, projects, papers, or other class work that will be used in the assessment process. The items selected will be listed in the syllabus for each course. The Assessment Committee will analyze the course syllabi and selected assessment items provided by instructors.

Responsible Individuals:

Full-time instructors are responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the standard course syllabi for the courses they teach. The Assessment Committee is responsible for the review of the submitted materials.

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