Assessment General Education

General Education Outcomes Assessment

 A student who completes at least 45 general education/transfer credits at Highland Community College should demonstrate the following competencies:


Oral and Written Communication:  The ability to gather information appropriately, to make effective oral presentations, and to write with a clear purpose and a mastery of writing technique.


Computation, Quantitative Reasoning, and Data-driven Problem-Solving:  The ability to understand and apply mathematical reasoning to interpret information, solve non-routine problems, and draw valid conclusions based on data.


Technology and Information Literacy:  The ability to locate, identify, and evaluate information from a variety of sources and to use basic technological functions as required in a discipline-specific context.


Cultural Diversity:  The ability to recognize and evaluate one’s own intercultural sensitivity, awareness and attitudes.


Critical Thinking:  The ability to evaluate information, evidence, arguments, and theories and the contexts in which these are presented and to analyze different and competing perspectives.


Humanities:  The ability to recognize and critique fine art and philosophical perspectives and to participate in the arts as a means of becoming more creative and of seeking life-long self-fulfillment.


Social Sciences:  The ability to analyze and apply social science theory and research to describe, explain and predict human behavior, cultures, and interactions.


Natural and Physical Sciences:  The ability to apply scientific methods, concepts, and theories to test hypotheses, conduct experimental procedures, and make conclusions supported by the results. 


These outcomes are assessed through a variety of in-course measures which align individual course and program competencies to each general education learning outcome.  Student learning is also assessed in some programs through external licensure and credentialing examinations.

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