Highland Community College






A  223 Computer Graphics: Illustration A 103 2-D Design
A 224 Computer Graphics: Enhanced Photo A 103 2-D Design
AB 207 Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition AB 108 Principles of Animal Science
AB 208 Applied Animal Nutrition AB 207 Fund of Animal Nutrition
AB 216  Marketing Farm Products AB 202 Ag Economics I
AB 222 Sheep Production AB 108 Principles of Animal Science
BS 101 College Biology R 090, MAT090, ENG090 or assessment Reading Skills, Fundamentals of Math, Fundamentals of English
MAT100 Beginning Algebra MAT090 or assessment Fundamentals of Math
BS 203 Microbiology BS 101 College Biology
BUS203 Macroeconomics MAT100 Beginning Algebra
BUS204 Microeconomics MAT100 Beginning Algebra
BUS213 Business Communications ENG101 College English I
BUS216 Managerial Acounting C or higher in BUS 105 or BUS 200 Accounting II or Financial Accounting
CJ 110 Fundamentals of Investigation CJ 100 Intro to Criminal Justice
ECH110 Functions of Child Development I ECH100 Fundamentals of Early Childhood
ECH220 Principles of Inclusion ECH100 and ECH160 Fundamentals of Early Childhood and Observing and Interacting with Young Children
ENG207 Narrative Film ENG102 College English II
M 200 Music Theory I M 101 Music Fundamentals
MAT103/MAT104 Intermediate/College Algebra Combination Instructor Permission  
MAT105 Trigonometry MAT104 College Algebra
MAT106 Calculus I MAT105 Trigonometry
MAT203 Basic Statistics MAT104 College Algebra
MT 112 Media Technology I MT 111 Intro to Media Technology
PE 250 Exercise Physiology BS 105 Human Physiology
PHO103 Photography II (Adv. Black & White) PHO101 Basic Photography
PHO109 Studio Photography I PHO101 Basic Photography
PHO205 Lighting Techniques PHO101 Basic Photography
PHO206 Photography IV (Lg Format) PHO103 and PHO200 Photography II and Photography III
PHO209 Studio Photography II PHO109 Studio Photography I
PHO201 Landscape Photography PHO101 Basic Photography
PS 101 College Physical Science MAT100 Beginning Algebra
PS 102 Concepts of Physics MAT100 Beginning Algebra
PS 108 Astronomy MAT100 Beginning Algebra
PS 111 College Chemistry I MAT103 Intermediate Algebra
PSY202 Child Psychology PSY101 General Psychology
PSY280 Health Psychology PSY101 General Psychology
SOC200 Sociology Through Film SOC101 General Sociology
ENG203 English Grammar ENG101 College English I
TH 110 Acting I TH 109 Fund Style/Princ of Acting