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Agribusiness (A.A.S)

The Agribusiness program option of the Associate in Applied Science Degree is designed for the student who would like to enter a career in some aspect of sales and service. This may be a mid-management position such as operating a fertilizer blending plant, feed mill division, agricultural chemicals sales, or agricultural mechanization equipment at the farm retail level.
Suggested Program of Study

Agriculture Economics (Associate in Arts)

Agriculture Economics is a transfer program for students interested in a career in agriculture or agri-business and could include specialization in production, marketing, or management. Agricultural economists study how farm resources such as land, raw materials, machinery, and  labor are used to provide goods and services. Their research helps determine the costs and benefits of making, distributing, and using resources in a particular way. Other research might focus on topics such as energy costs, farm prices, or commodity imports.

Suggested Program of Study

Agriculture Education (A.A.)

This course of study has been developed for the student interested in preparing for a teaching career in the field of Agriculture. Students will receive an introduction to the broad range of skills needed in agriculture as well as the general education courses needed to complete degree requirements.
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Agronomy (A.A.)

HCC Agronomy program was developed as a transfer program for those students interested in a career in Agronomy or Horticulture.
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Animal Science (A.A.)

This course of study is a transfer program for students interested in the livestock industry including an opportunity to specialize in the areas of management, breeding, selection, nutrition, or meat science.
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Farm and Ranch Management (A.A.S.)

The Farm and Ranch program is developed to provide individuals with career opportunities in farm and ranch management including production, marketing, self-employment as farmers and ranchers, management of farms and ranches, consulting firms, and governmental research and service activities. Courses designed in this curriculum aid the individual in developing a broad background of agriculture skills in areas of animal science, agronomy, and agriculture economics as well as essential business skills. Emphasis areas in the Farm and Ranch Management Program are Cow-Calf or Swine Management and Feedlot Management.
Suggested Program of Study

Farm and Ranch Management - Cow-Calf or Swine Emphasis (A.A.S.)

Cow-Calf and Swine options are designed for the individual who would like to enter farming or ranching, or managing a livestock enterprise dealing with beef or swine. Types of livestock enterprises include: cow-calf operations, back grounding cattle, farrow-finishing operations, or swine finishing floors.
Suggested Program of Study

Farm and Ranch Management - Feedlot Emphasis (A.A.S.)

The Farm and Ranch Management program with the Feedlot option provides individuals the opportunity to seek careers in red meat production. Kansas ranks second in the nation with cattle on feed, cattle and calves on farms, and red meat production by commercial slaughter plants. The U.S. Department of Agriculture ranks Kansas as the number one state with regard to the number of cattle slaughtered with 17.1% of all cattle processed in this country. Numerous opportunities are available for the student with training in areas of animal nutrition, livestock production, animal health, and basic business skills to meet the needs of this vast industry.
Suggested Program of Study

Precision Agriculture (A.A.S.)

Precision Agriculture is the practice of using remote sensing, soil sampling and information management tools to inprove production. Precision agriculture is about whole farm management with the goal of optimizing returns on inputs while preserving resources. It relies on new technologies like satellite imagery, information technology, and geospatial tools. It is also aided by farmers' ability to locate their precise position in a field using satellite positioning system like the GPS or GIS. Coming 2016-2017 to Highland's Western Center.