Highland Community College




Cheer Program

The Highland Community College coed cheer program is designed to promote school spirit and pride and to promote crowd involvement

You won't find a more talented group of students, more dedicated to HCC and its athletic programs than the Scottie Cheerleaders.

Back Row: Betsy Fauglid, Megan Bradley, Levi Duncan, Tyler Duryea, Nick Yeske, Anna Stallbaumer, Lauren Tucker

Middle Row: Karlyn Speer, Mikayla Lange, Jasmyn Geiger, Aisha Diveley, Marli Mears, Haley Showalter, Kaci Pierce

Front Row: De'Ericka Glover McKenzie Kracht, Megan Besmer, Allison Thompson, Lauren McGovern

Dance Program

The name of the dance squad at HCC is the Classy Lassies. The dance program has two main goals:

  • To promote school pride and spirit
  • To entertain during pre-game and half time activities

The Classy Lassies are the premiere dance group at Highland Community College for all half time activities. If you are looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated group to be a part of at Highland, this is the group for you.

Back Row: Emily Franken (Manager), Bayleigh Clements, Marissa Horton, Lexi Merz, Kaitlyn Tomlinson

Middle Row: Katie Pelayo, Maddi Libel, Shawna Smith, Jordan Stone

Front Row:Jessica Burton, Jennifer Hal, Callie Zirkle


About The Program

As a total spirit squad at Highland Community College, the Scottie Cheerleaders and Classy Lassies are involved with many activities. These spirit programs are designed to encourage school spirit and pride, leadership and active community participation.

The Cheerleaders promote crowd involvement and work with the Classy Lassies during pre-game, timeouts and halftime activities. The Scottie Cheerleaders perform at home football and basketball games.

The Classy Lassies are a precision dance group with emphasis on creative costuming and fun, innovative routines. The Classy Lassies entertain during pre-game, timeout and halftime activities along side the Cheerleaders at home football and basketball games. 

The HCC dance and cheer squads offer their expertise in judging junior high and high school tryouts. This allows the HCC cheerleaders and dancers to get experience from areas other than just performance. The Spirit Squads also offer individual clinics to middle school and high school squads. From the experiences that HCC offers, many of our cheerleaders and dancers have gone on to four year colleges to cheer or dance. Others obtain jobs in junior high and high schools as cheerleading and dance team coaches. Their dedication and the positive experience at Highland have helped them to succeed as coaches.

College is a very special time. Cheering and dancing are fun ways to be involved the first two years of college. Both the cheer and dance programs offer an excellent opportunity to pay for your education through scholarship offerings. If you are interested, please call Kelly Twombly at (785) 442-6018 or email at ktwombly@highlandcc.edu for more information.