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Regional Asset Test Information

Students wanting to enroll in ENG101 College English I or MAT104 College Algebra

Asset testing is a prerequisite for all students (high school and evening) enrolling in College Algebra (MAT104) or College English I (ENG101) who do not have the following ACT or SAT scores:

Mathematics 22 450
English 18 450

Students needing to enroll in ENG101, College English I and/or MAT104, College Algebra must bring official copies of their ACT or SAT scores to enrollment, or bring proof that they have already completed the prerequisite course for ENG101, College English I and/or MAT104, College Algebra. If they have not taken the ACT or SAT test or not completed a prerequisite course, they will be required to take the ASSET placement test before they will be allowed to enroll in these courses.

There is no fee required to take the Algebra and English Asset tests. EAch test requires 25 minutes each. An additional writing sample may be necessary, dependant on your English Asset score. This requires an additional 25 minutes. Students are allowed to use calculators. Students must notify the regional coordinator of their documented disability when scheduling ASSET testing.

Students may take the ASSET test at any of the following locations. Students may also take the ASSET test on the Highland Community College campus by calling the Office of Student Services at (785)442-6020. The dates listed below indicate the times and places ASSET will be given.

ASSET testing is available at all regional offices by appointment.

Regional Locations

If you have questions concerning this schedule, please contact your area coordinator.

Additional Placement Testing Information