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Kansas High School Juniors and Seniors

What Senate Bill 155 Does For Kansas Juniors and Seniors in HS!

In an effort to jump start the workforce, Kansas' new Career and Technical Education Act (SB 155) allows Highland Community College to enroll high school Juniors and Seniors in Technical Education programs and selected courses without charging tuition. That's right HCC is able to provide FREE TUITION for technical programs and some classes. Beyond that, HCC has chosen to WAIVE FEES for all technical programs and SB 155 courses! In addition, book rental for technical programs offered at the Technical Center and the Western Center is FREE! Students taking SB 155 courses in face to face, IDL, online, or hybrid formats will be charged $16 per credit hour for book rental. 

On this page, we will keep you updated on courses and programs that are available each semester at Highland. If you play your cards right, it's possible to graduate from high school with not only a diploma, but a technical certification as well! Enrollment and transfer information may be found below.


Click here for a list of SB 155 courses!


Do my classes Transfer to Other Colleges?

The Kansas Board of Regents has established a Transfer and Articulation guide listing courses that seamlessly transfer from community colleges to any of the state supported colleges and universities governed by the board of regents. Click here to review those course guides.

HCC has also articulated transfer with area colleges and universities. To see HCC's transfer guide, please click here.

Three Easy Steps To Enroll:

1.     Complete the online HCC application. In the section “Admission Requested For…” choose 2016, fall.

2.     After your application has been received, you will receive an email from HCC with directions for logging in to your new MyHCC account.  A separate email will have directions for enrolling.

3.     Follow the directions in the email to enroll in the course(s) through your MyHCC account. (If you want to enroll in CNA or CMA, you will not be able to enroll online. Rather, contact Allied Health at the contacts listed below.)

That’s it! You’re enrolled in a free or low cost course. If you are taking face-to-face, hybrid, or IDL, you will receive your book the first day of class. If you are taking an online course, you will receive an email with directions to confirm your textbook shipment.

Please note: HCC applies tuition waivers after enrollment. After enrollment is confirmed, tuition charges will be removed from your account. Any remaining balance is due by the end the semester.


Questions? Contact the HCC Director at the appropriate site:


Wamego                             Di Hinrichs                  (785) 456-6006               Wamego@highlandcc.edu

Perry                                    Erin Shaw                   (785) 597-0127                Perry@highlandcc.edu

Holton                                  Therese Crary             (785) 362-6000               Holton@highlandcc.edu

Western Center                  Cara Baker                  (785) 442-6114               western@highlandcc.edu

Online                                   Robbyn Ireland           (785) 442-6129              hcconline@highlandcc.edu

Highland Campus              Jackie Peden              (785) 442-6020              admissions@highlandcc.edu

Allied Health Courses        Darlene Lee               (913) 367-6204               alliedhealth@highlandcc.edu

HCC Technical Center       Amy Dulac                  (913) 367-6204              hcctc@highlandcc.edu