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Hall of Fame

Dear Friend:

Beginning in 1997, the Highland Community College Athletic Hall of Fame Was established for the purpose of recognizing and honoring former student athletes, coaches, faculty, staff, athletic teams, and special contributors whose accomplishments have brought prestige, honor, and/or support to the Highland Community College’s Athletic Department.

Highland Community College will be accepting nominations for the Athletic Hall of Fame until July 5, 2014. To nominate a prospective candidate for induction into the Class of 2014, you may submit your nomination by going online at www.highlandcc.edu and looking under athletics. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Greg Delzeit, Athletic Director, at gdelzeit@highlandcc.edu, or by calling 785-442-6039.

Those eligible for induction include:

1)    Former stand-out athletes who were freshman no later than 2004;

2)    Coaches, faculty, or administrators who have served the college for five years;

3)    Honorary individuals who have served the interest of Highland Community College’s athletics

Nominations are an on-going process, and once received, stay in the nomination selection category each year, and all candidates continue to be reviewed each year. Please keep in mind that to be processed as a candidate for the Class of 2014 induction, any new nominations will need to be received by July 5, 2014.

Each fall Highland Community College hosts an induction ceremony for the inductees who have met the criteria for nomination and approved by the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee. This year’s induction ceremony will take place Saturday, September 13, 2014, in the Walters Wellness Center on the Highland Community College campus.

The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee has been organized to research, evaluate, and select candidates for induction. Their work is possible because of efforts of people like you who have been nominated, called, or submitted information regarding possible candidates.

If you know of anyone needing to be recognized for this distinction, please fill out a nomination form and submit it at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Delzeit

Athletic Director


Hall of Fame

On behalf of the faculty, staff, students and alumni of Highland Community College,  members of the HCC Athletic Hall of Fame Committee are most honored to recognize the selection of the following to our Hall of Fame. 

Name Inducted
Clarence M. "Fuzz" Lewis 2013-09-15
Glenna Batchelder 2013-09-15
Martin "Marty" Allen 2013-09-15
Trumane Bell 2003-08-23
Dr. Jack D. Nutt 2001-08-25
Fred Keenan 2001-08-25
Richard Eugene Hewins 2001-08-25
Russell Karn 1999-08-28
Terry Joyce 1999-08-28
Dean Barber 1998-08-29
Frank Davis 1998-08-29
John Beverly Misse 1998-08-29
William (Bill) T. Noll 1998-08-29
Ben Allen 1997-08-23
Dale Kessinger 1997-08-23
Ed Morland 1997-08-23
Harold "Tony" Jeter 1997-08-23
Jan Schwartz 1997-08-23
John C. Leimbach "J.C." 1997-08-23
Richard Paul Cotton 1997-08-23
Robert McDowell 1997-08-23

Hall of Fame Member Biographies