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GED Test Information

Passing the General Educational Development (GED) test and earning a Kansas High School Diploma opens doors. You're likely to have more job opportunities and greater chances for better-paying jobs. If you choose, you can go on to college.

How do you qualify to take the GED Test?

In the state of Kansas all individuals who take the GED Test must be a resident of the state. To qualify to take the GED test, they must first take and pass the Official GED Practice Test. The practice test is given as part of the course of study in our GED Preparation classes. Individuals who are not enrolled in one of our classes but want to take the GED Test can take the practice test at the Highland Community College; the practice test is offered every month for a fee of $25.00.

Individuals must pre-register to take the GED Test.   Contact Julie Dorrell at 785.442.6055 for more information.

On the day of testing, it is required that examinees present a current driver's license, state photo I.D., passport, military, or other form of government identification that shows name, address, date of birth, signature and a photograph.

How much does it cost?

The current cost of the GED Test is $68.00. It must be paid by the time an individual takes the test

What are the tests like?

With the exception of one essay section, most of the questions on the GED test are multiple choice, with five possible answers. The questions vary in difficulty and cover a wide range of subjects. The contents of the test are:

  • Language Arts, Writing Skills - 2 hours
    • Part I - 50 Questions, 75 minutes.
    • Part II - Essay, 45 minutes.
  • Social Studies - 50 Questions, 70 minutes.
  • Science - 50 Questions, 80 minutes.
  • Language Arts, Reading - 40 Questions, 65 minutes.
  • Mathematics - 50 Questions, 90 minutes.
    • Part I - 25 questions 45 minutes (Casio FX 260 solar calculator provided)
    • Part II - 25 questions (calculator not allowed)