Highland Community College



Athletic Director

Greg Delzeit

Title: Athletic Director
Phone: 785.442.6039
Email: gdelzeit@highlandcc.edu
Welcome to Highland Community College. The athletic programs provide student-athletes an avenue to continue their athletic career and an opportunity to continue their academic ambitions. We believe that participation in athletics may be temporary, but the education obtained will ensure the student athlete with a lifetime of information.

The student's success and accomplishments are paramount at Highland Community College. Support programs provide guidance, counseling, and a follow-up to the student's educational experiences. Many students receive scholarships to continue their education and athletic endeavors at other colleges and universities.

Everyone has a dream. There is no better place than Highland Community College to go to school and achieve those dreams, and attain learning experiences that will serve a lifetime.

We extend a warm welcome to you, our fans, to support our teams to victory both on the field and in the classroom. The Scotties promise to be exciting to watch.

Athletic Director